The Tagger

The Tagger

MP3 & AAC tagger for macOS

The Tagger

The Tagger is an MP3 and AAC tagger for macOS that combines powerful features with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Its key features include:

Superior tag support

Organise your music with many more ID3 tags than iTunes and other music software.

Discogs search

Tag your music by searching Discogs, the most comprehensive music database on the web.

Regex find & replace

Use regular expressions to perform powerful, complex find and replace operations on tags.

Delete iTunes personal data

Delete personal information hidden in your iTunes purchases, including iTunes account and purchaser data.

File renaming

Rename files from their tags to your own specification, or get tags from the filenames themselves.

Advanced tag manipulation

Case transformation, trimming, and prefix & suffix tools make tidying up tags a breeze.

Screenshots of Discogs search, the find and replace panel, and the file renaming feature:

Discogs Integration Find & Replace Rename Files

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